About us

KONSTRUKT PLUS, Ltd. Engineering and General Planning Company was founded in 1995 by M. Eng. Adam Šefčák and M. Eng. Vladislav Jánoška. The office extended gradually that amount of colleagues in period before crisis exceeded number of 80, more than 50 of it were employees. Since the beginning of 2014, the demand for design work recovering and we currently employ 34 employees and a corresponding number of co-workers. 70% of our employees are employed with us more than 5 years.

Today we have the department of architecture Atelier K +, three departments of structural engineering in Bratislava and Trnava and an investment company Konstrukt Invest Ltd.

There are especially large projects (> 10.000 sqm) in our design portfolio. We have participated on many building construction projects in Austria, Slovakia, and throughout Europe. Our strength is that we have available a large, well experienced team that provides a short-term development of major projects in good quality.

We are a supplier of insulating beams and production of the company Schöck Germany and its representative in Slovakia.